Real Man’s Creed.


, as a man living in the 21st Century, pledge from now henceforth to be a man who loves and treats his lady (girlfriend, fiancée) as a valued co-heir of the kingdom of Christ.

I will be her friend before being her boy-friend/fiancé. I will surprise her, amuse her and be her best friend. I will respect her and her family. I will forgive her when she wrongs me. I will cultivate our friendship through mutual activities that will make us friends.

I will pursue her and I will demonstrate affection to her through hugs, and words of affirmation. I will value her and tell her she is beautiful as often as I can. I will not embarrass her, abuse her, look down on her or use my hands to strike her.

I will call her frequently and not go silent on her. I will communicate with her by talking with her and not talking at her. I will not harbour anger, resentment or malice against her. I will communicate with my words to express hurt and will use them wisely not to discourage her. I will speak in love in times of pain and in times of joy. I will not be cold, angry and indifferent towards her. I will make time to hear her out and to hear the dreams she has in life.

I will give more than receive based on the words of Christ himself “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I will adorn her with gifts occasionally to show how much I love her. I will invest my time in her and make her a happy woman. I will invest my money and treasures in her, the love of my life.

I will trust her and trust her intuition. I will not impose my will but will lead whilst involving her.

I will lead by example by being under the authority of Christ and submitting to Him. I will take my walk with God seriously by committing to a church and devoting my service in the gifting that I have. Through prayer, reading and studying of the word, fellowship and sharing of the word with others, will I lead by example. I will encourage and challenge her spiritually to grow toward being a good and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus. I will encourage her to love the Lord more than she loves me. I will invest in her spiritual life through prayer, fellowship and buying any spiritual material that will enable her to grow.

I will respect her body and treat it with absolute purity. I will not seduce her, caress her, kiss her or touch her in any sexual way until the night of our marriage. Until the minister says “You may now kiss the bride” I will not use my lips to lure her into sin. I will make her sexual purity my priority by avoiding secluded places that will lead us to fall into temptation. I will control my sexual drive and wait for the marriage bed as a show of love through patience.

I will be faithful to her at all times. I will cut strings that draw me to old flames of girlfriends. I will ward off any other girls that may pose a threat to the relationship or that may make her feel insecure. I will affirm her and let her know she’s the only one for me. I will walk with integrity and self-control to have my eyes for her alone. I will resist the urge to lust after other women that I see in my school, workplace or everyday life. I will do away completely with any form of medium that draws my eyes to other women lustfully i.e. certain television programmes, magazines, internet sites, clubs, etc.

I will commit myself to a group of godly, fun and encouraging men of God to be my keepers and help me stay faithful to this resolution.

I will not take this girl for a spin or test-drive her. I will lead this relationship to a lasting, thriving, godly marriage.

abuse irony

Signed Ernest Wamboye Date 19 Feb 2011

Witnessed by God Almighty, Jehovah


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